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Human Rights Symposium

This week the White Rose Society is putting on their fourth annual Human Rights Symposium. The White Rose Society is a student organization focused on Holocaust remembrance and genocide awareness. All week they’re holding awareness events during the days and hosting insightful speakers in the evenings.

Photo by Mwamba Family Foundation

Tonight’s speaker is Sean Corasso, a UT alum and experienced activist. Sean will discuss the current state of child soldiers in Africa and how we, as students, can help end this atrocity. You can hear him speak in Welch1.120 at 7 p.m. tonight.

Sean is the founder of Falling Whistles, a non-profit that raises awareness about child soldiers in the Congo.

While traveling with Invisible Children, an organization that works end the war in Uganda and rebuild the war-torn country, and Toms Shoes, a group that donates a pair of shoes to a child in Ethiopia for every pair of shoes purchased, Sean stumbled into The Democratic Republic of Congo and heard something that shocked him.

He happened to meet a few recently-rescued child soldiers who shared with him their stories of being kidnapped and then forced to fight in a violent and bloody war. But then, they told him something even more disturbing and shocking. They told him the story of the whistle blowers, children too small to hold guns who are sent to the front lines of battle armed only with a whistle.

Whistle for purchase

As Sean explains in the diary he kept during the trip, which became the manifesto of Falling Whistles, “Their sole duty is to make enough noise to scare the enemy and then to receive with their bodies the first round of bullets.”

After returning home, Sean came up with a plan to raise awareness about the cause as well as money to help fight for it. He built an organization that sells whistles for people to wear around their necks in order to get people talking about the tragic situation.

Check out what he has to say tonight in Welch and if you want to do more, buy a whistle or check out their summer internship program.