It’s Springtime In Austin, Time To Visit The Turtle Pond

To finish up my blogging for this semester, I decided to spend a little time at one of the most unique places on the UT campus, the Tower Garden Memorial, more commonly known as “the turtle pond.”

I have been waiting all week for a nice sunny day to just sit back, observe, and do a little bit of people watching and today seemed like just the perfect day.

Photo by Epyon MX via Flickr Creative Commons

Whether they come here to read, picnic, nap in the sun, or “ooh!” and “ahh!” at the turtles, this pond and adjacent lawn are a favorite spot to visit for UT students and visitors–both adults and children alike.

This place is surprisingly quiet and provides a great location to just sit back and relax, especially during this time of the year. It’s a nice peaceful getaway located right in the heart of campus.

For a little bit of background on the pond, watch this short video.

And this one will help you get a better idea of the setting. Listen for the Tower bells!

Overall, it’s just a truly unique place to experience. If you haven’t already, stop by for a visit sometime and say hello to the turtles!


2 responses to “It’s Springtime In Austin, Time To Visit The Turtle Pond

  1. I think this is a fitting end to your UT blog. 🙂

    This was one of my first experiences of campus, all the way back during orientation in 2006. The Liberal Arts new student luncheon was held at the Turtle Pond and definitely set the mood for the rest of my time here. Just another one of those little things I will miss once I leave here.

  2. There’s definitely something peaceful about a herd of turtles hanging out in the middle of campus. I also had some orientation meetings near the pond and like how it brings a diversion from the rest of campus. It’s really uncool when people vandalize the turtle shells, but I don’t think that’s happened this semester. If anyone’s thinking about it, it’s not cool.

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