Mobile Food Hits West Campus

I had not even seen Jordyn’s last post yet when I decided to write about this, and I completely realize that this is not a food blog. Nonetheless, food IS a very important part of each student’s life. Very important.

I recently had an incredibly moving experience with food. It went something like this…

Walking home this past Wednesday, I could not wait until I got back from campus. I was starving, and thinking about what I was going to cook for dinner wasn’t making it any better.

You see, my Wednesday evenings are jam-packed with meetings. This schedule kind of throws my body for a little bit of a loop, because for the other six days of the week dinner time usually falls during this same time frame. On the way home after my last meeting was over, my stomach really let me know that it didn’t appreciate how I was treating it.

I had just gone grocery shopping, so I really didn’t want to stop and spend money eating out. I continued on my trek, crossing Guadalupe at 24th Street and taking a left on San Antonio Street–on my way deep into the heart of West Campus.

However, before I made it that far, I saw a light.

It kind of appeared out of nowhere, a little gift from God shining bright from its spot set neatly in a parking lot right next to the sidewalk. A greater being was trying me, testing my self-control.

Photo by Bonita Sarita via Creative Commons

I couldn’t give in. I passed it up.

Two steps later, I turned around.

This “taco truck,” as I have long referred to this type of vendor, had proven too much. It was offering Korean BBQ tacos, which I had never tried before, and I was excited to them a taste.

You see, I have gotten some amazing food from other trucks such as these, the earliest coming from my younger days working construction during the summers.

This truck was strikingly similar–in both appearance and menu. However, they offered a major twist in flavors, and it was amazing!

Photo by John of Austin via Creative Commons

Melding Korean tastes with the traditional Tex-Mex flavors, Chi’Lantro offers tacos, burritos, burgers, quesadillas and bowls at affordable prices. The beef taco that I got was only $2, and while one definitely did not fill me up, it was completely worth the small price.

Be aware, however, that this mobile machine does not stay in one place for very long. Currently it is making the rounds from locations in downtown Austin back to the UT campus. Chi’Lantro makes it easy for you though, as you can find their daily locations on both their Twitter and Facebook pages.

If you are interested in trying these unique flavors, get ready. The Chi’Lantro truck will be coming back to their same location at 2323 San Antonio Street near the UT campus on Saturday from 12-3 P.M.

I highly recommend that you give them a try.


5 responses to “Mobile Food Hits West Campus

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  2. Patricia Rodriguez

    Some of the greatest food in Austin comes out of trailers…if you haven’t tried it yet, there is a waffle stand in front of the Castilian in West Campus. It’s open from 5-10 most nights and they make the most AMAZING waffles. They have like a waffle taco which is syrup on one side and fresh cream, nuts and fruit on the other. Stellar.

    • Jordyn Davenport

      Oh my gosh I have always wanted to try that place but I never remember to intentionally go there and whenever I happen to pass by it’s always closed! But, now that I know the hours I can plan on going there and getting definitely trying that waffle taco….yum.

  3. I FINALLY tried this place this past weekend! It is absolutely delicious but you are right! One taco is definitely not enough but the combination of interesting tastes are definitely delicious.

  4. I stopped by this place one night a couple of weeks ago. Their tacos are definitely good times and stand out from all of the more traditional stands around town. I wonder if they’re planning to expand to multiple trailers, like some of the more successful ones.

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