Career Fairs

Now that we’re all back from Spring Break and getting back into the swing of things it’s time to start thinking about summer internships and jobs! Because we all just can’t wait to spend our summers working!

Now is a really crucial point in the semester to start securing internships and jobs because most colleges’ career fairs are between February and April. Career fairs make things easier because many of your potential employers will be in one place ready to answer questions and provide application information.

After you learn the date of your college or field of interest’s career fair the next step is to get ready to talk to employers.

Speaking with recruiters at a career fair is a basically speed interviewing, think speed dating. You want to present the most qualified version of yourself as you can in about 3-5 minutes.

This means you need to

  • dress appropriately
  • come prepared with several resumes
  • do your research in advance and look at the list of companies attending so that you can target the employers you are most interested in
  • practice your advertising pitch in advance

Fortunately, the College of Communication’s Career Services has a great series of short videos called Job Search 101.

You might want to check out this one conveniently titled “Preparing for a Career Fair” by Brad Karsh, author of Confessions of a Recruiting Director: The Insider’s Guide to Landing Your First Job.

Also, Quintessential Careers has a great (lengthy) list of do’s and don’ts for attending career fairs and The University of California Berkley has a great (brief) list of tips.

If you want more personalized advice for attending career fairs or applying for jobs and internships in general you can visit the career services office of your college. They can help you build your resume, prepare you for interviews, and even give you suggestions for what kind of jobs to apply for.


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