So Few Calories, So Many Places to Burn Them


Nestled directly in the heart of one of the fittest cities in America, the University of Texas is in no way lacking in gym choices. According to UT RecSports, there are 12 different “workout locations.” While some of these are either very small or may be in the same general area (Gregory Gym, Gregory Gym Aquatic Complex), it is still pretty impressive and a bit overwhelming. I’ll break down and profile the major options and let you decide.


Gregory Gym/Pool: The biggest and probably most well-known gym on campus, this is also the most used. It can hold a large amount of people, and does every day. Among it’s features it boasts 7 basketball courts, a climbing wall. 10 racquetball and 2 Squash courts, a large weight room, steam and sauna rooms, and a 1/7 mile indoor track. It is located in the heart of campus and is open until 2 a.m. Sunday – Thursday and 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Behind the gym is the aquatic complex, which feature 2 indoor pools, 3 heated outdoor pools, and a spa.

Rec Sports Center: Located right behind the stadium, this gym is slightly less-known and less-used than Gregory. It offers slightly smaller crowds but with slightly fewer options. It still has 3 basketball courts, 8 racquetball courts, 2 Squash courts, and a sizable weight room. For my first 2 years on campus, this was my gym of choice.

Belmont: Maybe it’s because it’s INSIDE the stadium and fulfills the dream of doing some physical activity inside Daryl K Royal Memorial Stadium, or maybe it’s because you never have to wait for a machine. Regardless of the reason, this hidden gem is the reason that I stopped working out in the Rec Sports Center.

Photo: Caribb

Anna Hiss: Known mostly for it’s dodge ball tournaments and to anyone who’s taken Ballroom Dancing, this small, hidden, wonder can easily elude you for 4 years. Built in 1931, it has a small basketball area and some exercise rooms (limited weights if any) to utilize. But the thing that caught my eye when researching was the archery range. Should’ve spent more time there!

Whitaker Fields: Where Intramural legends are born, this site contains 18 soccer or football fields (or 12 softball diamonds depending on season). It is equipped with lights and open until 10 p.m. M-F. The fields are also utilized heavily for Club team practice and games. It is a few miles from campus, but has plenty of parking and it’s own shuttle bus.


Clark Field – Located just behind San Jacinto Residence Hall, this field is frequently used for pickup football games

Jamail Texas Swimming Center – Not DKR, but the swimming center houses Texas’ most feared and most successful program. Just might run into gold medalist Garrett Weber-Gale here too.

Whitaker Tennis Courts – 40 lighted tennis courts located just behind Whitaker Fields.

Penick-Allison Tennis Center – 12 tournament quality competition courts and home to the UT Tennis teams.

Where do you like to do your excercising?


3 responses to “So Few Calories, So Many Places to Burn Them

  1. Good info! Just thought I’d share another little tip that I learned the hard way this week: Don’t forget your UT ID card if you want to go to the gym! I lost mine last week, and had to go to my “Boot Camp” class in the Rec this Monday and Wednesday. They will let you sign in with your EID and password if you forget your ID, but you only get 3 strikes. So if you forget that puppy more than 3 times in a semester, you can’t work out at any of the fascilities for that term. Ouch!

  2. Patricia Rodriguez

    How helpful! I HATE Gregory because it’s always so crowded but I’m also a little too intimidated to ever go wandering into the Rec or Belmont of all places! I had just taken to working out off campus, but this could really help me find some place less crowded, and not so scary to workout in. Maybe add some information next time about the classes available. I have always wanted to do a workout class, maybe something informal, at a gym but I don’t know much about where they are, when their held and how to sign up. Thanks!

  3. Jordyn Davenport

    One of my favorite spots to work out on campus is Clark Field, right by San Jacinto Dormitory. Cardio is my main form of exercise and running on a 1/7 mile track, like in Gregory, is supremely frustrating! Clark Field has a 1/4 mile track as well as several work out stations, although they’re practically just jungle gym equipment. But it also just has a huge field in the middle for people to play games/sports.

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