Got the After-Football Blues? Check Out a Baseball Game

After living in Texas for over 20 years, I have realized that down here the calendar is not divided by the typical four seasons. Part of the reason is the crazy and erratic weather, but another reason—a really big one—is the state’s infatuation with a certain fall sport.

You see, growing up, the only two seasons that I knew were simply “football season” and “not football season.” Summer, fall, winter and spring—what are those?

Having said that, we now currently find ourselves stuck in the middle of this “not football season.” It’s a bit of a lethargic stage for many Longhorns sports fans, but the true ones have found several fun and exciting ways to pass the time.

One of those ways is The University of Texas Baseball team, which even with its own rich history plays a clear second-fiddle role to Longhorns football.

The Longhorns sing The Eyes of Texas after a victory.

Currently ranked third in the polls with an 8-3 record, the Horns baseball squad is yet another high profile sports team at the university with a chance to win their respective national championship.

Basketball filled the void nicely for a while, but with their recent slide faded quickly—and so did their support.

Baseball, however, has proven itself before with six College World Series titles, including two under current skipper Augie Garrido, the all-time winningest NCAA Division I coach. Playing Garrido’s signature “small ball” and always sporting a strong pitching staff, the Horns have moved themselves to the top of the sport and have become a fixture at the College World Series.

While you won’t be seeing a rowdy crowd at Disch-Falk Field top 100,000 anytime soon like you would at DKR, the recently renovated stadium which has under 7,000 seats provides a great time for many students and other fans.

“Baseball games are the best,” said junior Wes Hamiltion. “I love the ballpark atmosphere, it’s just a unique and relaxing experience…a great way to spend an afternoon.”

Any student with a Longhorn All Sports Package can get into a game by showing their student identification at the ticket window at the entrance to the ballpark.

Next on the schedule for the Horns is Texas State tomorrow at 6:05 P.M at the Disch. They round out the weekend with a four-game series against Iowa, also here in Austin.


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