Are you someone who lives on campus who is tired of walking all the way to west campus to visit your friends? Are you someone who lives in west campus who is tired of walking all the way to the PCL and Gregory? Or do you want to go from west campus/Riverside/on campus/etc to downtown without having to drive or park?

Here are some tips and tricks for the most efficient means transportation!


One of the easiest ways to get around is to use the university shuttles. They can take you pretty much wherever you want to go as it’s the largest university shuttle system in the country!

As a student you can ride them for FREE as long as you have a student I.D. with you. If you live anywhere off campus it’s one of the easiest ways to get to school because you don’t have to worry about parking!

Photo by UT PTS

I was always afraid to take the bus because I never knew where they would take me but it turns out it’s pretty easy to consult the map and schedule! On first glance the map is a little complicated but if you check the key in the bottom right hand corner first to see how the routes are labelled it’s not too hard.

Also, there are E-Busses that run from campus, west campus, and riverside, to downtown Thursday through Saturday so that students can enjoy various nightlife activities without the risk of potentially dangerous driving situations!


Driving can be pretty tricky because parking is never easy! If you want to be guaranteed a parking space on campus it’s definitely a good idea to get a parking permit. These parking permits let you park in either garages or surface lots located on or near campus.BUT these permits can be a bit pricey.

If you drive to school your best bet is a C permit. This allows you to park in surface lots east of campus and only costs $110 for the academic year.

Another nice option is an N permit. These are weekend permits that allow you to park in lots and parking spaces along the streets of campus marked “Any UT Permit.” They’re only $36 for the academic year and are really convenient for driving to the library on Sundays to study.


Biking is a fantastic way to get around the greater campus area and Austin is a very bike-friendly city!

If you want to take the bus to school but ride your bike around campus you can load your bike onto the front of any UT shuttle and unload it when you get to campus.

There are numerous bike racks all over campus where you can park your bike. Just be sure to use a lock and lock BOTH the frame and the front tire to the rack or else someone WILL steal your front tire, it’s happened to several of my friends.

Photo by clickykbd

Also, everyone who bikes on campus is technically required to register their bike with Parking and Transportation services. Basically, you fill out a form with the serial number of your bike and if anyone steals your bike and tries to pawn it, the pawn shop will run the number through the Austin Police Department and you will get your bike back! Not bad eh?

Now, a great lesser known piece of information about UT  is that if you can’t afford to buy a bike, as they can be extremely expensive (upwards of $200 for a new one) you can rent a bike! Through the Orange Bike Project, students can check out a bike for an entire semester at no cost! But there can be an extensive wait-list so start looking into it immediately!

Here at UT Austin we have so many options for getting about campus! Many students, like my friend Pauline Nguyen, like to use a variety of transportation options, depending on the destination.

Pauline said, “Around campus and west campus I like to walk, but if it’s north campus or downtown, I like to drive. If it’s somewhere with limited parking, such as an event, I’d rather take the bus to avoid dealing with parking.”

Pick whatever options you feel work best for you and  walk, bus, bike, or drive around the greater campus area to your heart’s desire!


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