The Wooten Barbershop

Guys, you might find this beneficial, but ladies, not so much. Sorry.

Ever since I have been here at UT, I have been faced with the fear of getting a bad haircut while trying to find a new barbershop to call home. For this reason, I would normally just wait until I headed home for a weekend and then go get a trim from the same barber that has been cutting my hair for nearly all my life.

However, I didn’t see a trip home happening anytime soon and I was beginning to look a bit shaggy, so after two and a half years here in Austin, I finally decided to face my fear.

A while back, I posted a question related to this as my Facebook status and got some very good feedback. Most of the suggestions pointed me in the direction of The Wooten Barbershop on The Drag, so that is where I decided to go after class today.

I should mention before anything else, during my time in Austin I have gotten my hair cut at exactly one place and exactly one time–at Super Cuts. You see, a big part of going to a barbershop is the experience, and well, my experience at Super Cuts consisted of listening to two women barbers talk about their boyfriends. Nothing against women or women barbers, but this is not exactly the atmosphere that I was looking for. Not to mention that I wore a baseball cap every day for the next couple of weeks because of my awesome new haircut.

Okay now, back to the Wooten.

From the outside, this tiny barbershop does not seem to be anything special. But after opening the door for the first time I could tell that this place had potential–it smelled like a barbershop. There were a few people ahead of me to get haircuts, but waiting was pleasant to say the least. The chairs were comfortable, the big flat screen was awesome and the location right next to the sidewalk provided for prime people watching through the shop windows.

After about thirty minutes, the wait was over. It was my turn.

My barber was Don, a pretty imposing guy with tattoos up his arms and a goatee that any man would be proud of. He was a really nice guy, and before you knew it we were having a pretty good conversation. But I did not just go there to talk to some stranger.

Now I didn’t mean to mislead you with what I said before–the main reason I go to a barber is still to get my hair cut. The real test was coming up, and there was a mirror directly in front of me so I could keep a close eye on Don.

No suspense here, the guy did a good job and he obviously has skills. He pulled out the biggest scissors that I have ever seen and started to chop away it seemed. I mean, hair was flying everywhere! Before I knew it, I was done, out of the chair and handing Don my credit card.  

While the one knock against The Wooten is that it is a little pricier than most places at $15 a cut, I still think that it is worth it.

It’s taken some time, but I think I have found my new barbershop away from home.

So if you’re in need of a good quality haircut, and appreciate the barbershop feel, I recommend that you give The Wooten a try yourself!


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