Places on Campus: The Blanton Museum of Art

Hi, my name is Kurt Mitschke and I am a writer for Burnt Orange Living.  In writing for this blog, I hope to provide readers with a look at many of the cool places around our beautiful campus and give useful tidbits that will help enhance your experience at The University of Texas.

As an art lover, art museum lover and art museum atmosphere lover, I feel that I didn’t really have an option but to write on this as my first topic.  It was, in fact, one of the very first places that I visited on The Forty Acres, and a place where I spent a good amount of time during my first couple of years here.

Lurking in the shadows of the massive Jester Residence Hall on the southern edge of campus sits one of the true gems of the The University of Texas—The Blanton Museum of Art.

The Blanton, one of the premier university art museums in the country, houses the largest and most comprehensive collection of art in Central Texas.  The Mari and James A. Michener Gallery Building coupled with the addition of the new Edgar A. Smith Building, makes the Blanton complex the largest university museum in the United States. And if you’re a student you can enjoy all of these amenities for FREE!

The Blanton offers a truly pleasant and unique experience that is within walking distance for all students.

“It is so cool to be able to go to an art museum between classes, or on my way back from class,” says junior Charlie Dunn.  “It is so quiet and relaxing in there, and they always have great exhibitions. I took art history as an elective freshman year, and I’ve been coming back ever since.”

While some students such as Dunn take advantage of the museum, The Blanton often goes unnoticed or underappreciated by many other students at the university.

A place of such high caliber should not be passed by, and I encourage every student to make it a point to get out to the Blanton sometime.

For more information on The Blanton, and current exhibits, check out their website.

Oh, and if you are walking to the museum up Speedway from the north, be sure to notice the beautiful capital scene framed by the trees.


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