Getting Involved

Getting involved is something so integral to your college experience that we could dedicate an entire separate blog to

It's easy to get swallowed in the sea of burnt orage. Photo:Ernest Bludger

doing it. At one of the largest universities in the country, it’s easy to simply be a number and  fade into the crowd. It’s important to get involved in smaller groups to thrive AND survive in college.

But where the heck do you find out about all of these different groups and figure out which one suits you? The simplest, most basic way to do this is  to check out the organizational database provided by the office of the Dean of Students. You can enter the specific name of an organization, or just such something that interests you.

If the random search isn’t something you’re interested in, there are certain times when the organizations come to you. At the beginning of each semester there are numerous organizations tabling out in West Mall or in Jester and events such as Party on the Plaza.

There are also campus wide showcases such as 40 Acres Fest or Explore UT, the latter of which will be taking place on Saturday, March 6th. It is an event in which hundreds of student organizations showcase what their organization is about.

Again there are over 1,000 student groups to join and many times there are freshman specific groups including Freshman Business Association or Freshman Leadership Organization to help you get integrated for 4 years.


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